Professional consulting in the energy sector:
• Fuel- Energy complex objects as Sources of environmental pollution;
• Elementary processes of fuel combustion and energy Models of interaction with the environment and equipment;
• Characterization of impurities from energy objects in the atmosphere;
• Gas combustion products of harmful toxic gases and solids from Energy objects during the operation of equipment, Ways to reduce particles in the atmosphere;
• Impact caused by the exploitation of electric plants on Hydro sphere and defense;
• Thermal electric plants impact on the environment.

Consultations on Carbon Dioxide Emissions
• General analysis of environmental problems of cities and industrial plants;
• Environmental systems - Technological analysis;
• Fundamentals of statistical modeling and data processing;
• Environmental sustainability model;
• Effective methods for the selection of ecological indicators;
• the environmental aspects of Various methods of heating;
• Methodological Basis for Environmental Policy;
• System - structural optimization of environmental technologies;
• Environmental pollution control methods;
• New methods of treatment of Environmental impact of energy devices;
• Environmental aspects of new and existing energy facilities;
• Development of environmental technologies in energy
• And strengthening the legal status of Ecology;
• Modern sanitary Environmental - cleanliness requirements and standards of Energy equipment;
• Ecological sanctions mechanism of the formation of the market economy. Potential
environmental and Ensuring rational use of natural resources;
• Management Improvement of environmental technologies,
• Technical - economic – environmental indicators for New Energy efficiency technologies.

Consultation on Renewable and Green energy
• Prospects of Energy use in non-traditional sources of Georgia;
• Features and operating modes of solar flat collectors;
• Chart of solar system performance and workload;
• Energy accumulators used in helio energy systems ;
• Solar water heater system operating modes And features;
• Solar cooling systems;
• Geothermal Energy Use in Agriculture;
• Geothermal waters, used in medicine and Chemical industry;
• Salt precipitation problems and the treatment methods in the geothermal unit;
• Biogas devices description of its operation modes;
• Wind power plant adjustment with hydro accumulated power plant;
• Hydrogen Energy. Hydrogen and its properties. Methods for creating hydrogen;
• Magnet hydro dynamic, thermoemission and thermo electric generators;

• Advices in energy projects;
• Analysis of the energy contract and advices;
• Legislative end regulatory advices;
• Legal risk-Management of energy projects;
• Development of Environment Protection Law in Georgia, as the field of law;
• In society Environmental awareness Improvement and professional skills development.

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"Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Energy and Enviromental Law Studies"

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