In Georgian Technical University (hereinafter referred to as GTU) within the Faculty established educational/Scientific self - Unit - ,,Energy and Environmental Law Consultancy Bureau" (hereinafter referred to as Bureau), it is created and approved by The Academic Council #940 resolution, June 18, 2013and is approved by the Senate resolution #3 July 3, 2013. Bureau is created in the framework of the Tempus Project ,,Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Program in Energy and Environmental Law" and represents within the GTU - Faculty of Power Engineering and Telecommunication financially independent (self-acting principle) structural unit.
The Bureau carries out its activities with the Constitution of Georgia, "Law on Higher Education", GTU - Resolution, the represented regulations and laws in Georgia;
The Bureau operates on the principle of self-financing, it gives recommendations touniversity to make relevant contracts for the provision of the works;
If necessary, the bureau of the University undertakes to invite experts from Georgia as well asother countries and their respective contracts of employment;
May be held to discuss the interim report by request of Rector, Deputy Rector, Academic Council or the Senate.

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Tempus Project
"Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Energy and Enviromental Law Studies"

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