Power Energy and Telecommunication Faculty of Georgian Technical University Academic staff cooperation with European universities, including:
• Shearing the Experience in the field of European standards;
• Elaboration of Market economy relevanteducational agenda and programs;
• Create modern literature;
• Teaching skills training;
• Students studying abroad;
• Improvement of Faculty governance;
• Using and development of new technologies;
• Support staff training of the Faculty.
Implementation of Joint projects and structural measures, aimed at:
• Improve management of higher education institutions or academic programs;
• Increase the quality of the higher education system and their convergence with EU developments.Exchange ofeconomic information and data with European Universities in scientific, educational and technical field:
• In the energy sector;
• Carbon dioxide emissions;
• Renewable and green energy sources:
• Energy projects;
• Energy contracts;
• Legislative risk management of energy projects;
• Georgia's Environmental Protection Law, as the development of the legislative sector;
• Public awareness of environmental and professional skills development.

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Tempus Project
"Development of Regional Interdisciplinary Post Graduate Energy and Enviromental Law Studies"

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