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Objectives and Main Directions of the Bureau

globe What is important in Europe, important in Georgia,as Georgia is the part of Europe...Read more

Bureau staff and management

globeThe ruling group of Bureau - Gia Arabidze, Maka Gudiashvili, Tengiz Jishkariani... Read more

Property of Bureau, Finance and Funding Sources

globe Bureau working of the principle of self-activity... Read more

RegenLaw - Energy and Environmental Law

regenlaw-logoThe energy sector in Europe and in the world has changed rapidly over the last few years under the influence of trends towards globalization, liberalization, competition, demonopolization, and strengthening of regulation in the field. Parallel to the evolvement of European internal energy market, the true pan-European implications of the process began to unfold.

It is the WIDER OBJECTIVE of this project to enable Georgia (GE) and Ukraine (UE) to face the challenges of dealing with Energy and Environment policies in accordance with EU and international standards through capacity and institutional building measures. An ultimate goal of this project is to prepare a new generation of lawyers capable of performing legal services within different energy domains by using the latest achievements in energy and environmental law

The University considers the project...

“The University considers the project as an opportunity to develop one of the most important fields of legal science - energy and environmental law, its actuality is caused by the dramatic challenges of global competition and of erasing environmental problems in Ukraine.”

Inessa Shumilo, National University “Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine”, Ukraine

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